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There are many opinions on the evolution of the watch industry into a few multi-brand companies like Richemont and the Swatch Group, with the rest of the makers remaining independents. This includes everything, from tiny horlogerie manufacturers to huge standalones like Seiko with all manners of companies in between.

It is clear that the acquisition of a small independent company by a larger group will bring security for the future. However, the main issue is to preserve the integrity of smaller brands.Best Replica Watches This was immediately highlighted by the announcement that Chanel had acquired a stake at Franck Muller Replica.

Revolution was not content to listen to rumours and contacted the Department of F.P. Communication. Journe provided its perspective on the matter, partly to reassure the brand's loyalists. Journe is, in fact, one of the pioneers in the mechanical watch revival. He has been a multiple winner of industry awards as well as a dedicated practitioner of the inventiveness and genius of Abraham-Louis Breguet.

Francois-Paul Journe

Independent watchmaker/ Switzerland - France

This announcement was brief, sweet, and direct in terms of official announcements. The announcement by Chanel was short and sweet. It contained exactly 150 words. The brand is not as arriviste as some would think. It has produced remarkable complications in recent years, as Bell & Ross celebrates their 20thanniversary,ulysse nardin replica and has been a principal in Romain Gathier since 2011.

F.P. is optimistic about Chanel's shared stewardship of these brands. Journe, as its stated goal has been to "develop expertise and to support independentwatchmakers who share the same values of creation and excellence as Chanel". Journe is yet another jewel in the Chanel crown. Themanufacture was the first to create mechanical watches back in 1982.